什么是伺服送料机?/ What is a servo feeder?
High-precision feeding: For the advent of high-tech industry, computer closed-circuit feedback control ensures accuracy within ±0.02mm.

stage feeder: can input 20 sets of different feeding length, each group provides 999 times of punching, to meet the processing and production of special products (optional).

User-friendly manual mode: It can input the appropriate 3-stage manual speed, which makes it easier for the user to operate and accurately feed the material into the mold for positioning.

high efficiency relaxation device: with the cam signal of the punch and simple material thickness adjustment, you can quickly set the relaxation angle.

Setting of feeding length: directly input the feeding length on the control panel to achieve the required feeding distance.

Feeding mechanism: The roller adopts hollow type, light weight, small rotary inertia, surface hardness HRC60° hard chrome plating, wear resistance and long service life.

7、备有送料长度及送料速度的按键数字码,操作者可任意设定,迅速准确。送料长度可由0.1mm - 9999.99mm。
The button digital code with feeding length and feeding speed can be set by the operator arbitrarily and quickly. The feed length can be from 0.1mm to 9999.99mm.

Using mechanical relaxation (accurate point accurate), long-term use, zero failure.

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