川牧智能的机械有何技术优势?/What are the technical advantages of Chance Move Intelligent Machinery?

In order to improve the core technology of the products in the shortest time, Chance Move built a technical team working together with European, American and Japanese experts with decades of R&D experience to carry out technological innovation, and finally brings high-precision, efficient and safe high-performance products to our valuable customers to process their metal sheet and metal coil material and meeting their various stamping needs such as: high-speed, high-precision, ultra-thin, ultra-thick and ultra-wide metal plates. 
Chance Move devotes double the resources to research and development every year, conduct regularly training and expatriate study to R&D personnel to absorb new knowledge and ensure continuous innovation and technology transcendence . Strictly implement quality management, production management, European and American safety management system; Chance Move equipped sound detection system, high-precision measuring instruments and high-precision professional processing equipment; among which the key mechanical components and electronic components for NC series product control system adopts well-known brand from Japan, Europe and the United States to guarantee the quality performance.
Let you get the best value and service when you choose us.

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