如何运输?/How to transport?

一般情况下, 单机如开卷机,整平机,送料机的交货时间是3-7个工作日; 三合一伺服送料机以及冲床的交货时间是15-30个工作日;非标定制的交货时间是35-45个工作日. (具体交货时间根据询盘的具体要求而决定,如型号,数量,是否需要检测等)

Under normal circumstances, the delivery time of a single machine such as an unwinder, a leveler, and a feeder is 3-7 working days; the delivery time of a 3-in-1 servo feeder and a punch is 15-30 working days; The customized delivery time is 35-45 working days. (The specific delivery time is determined by the specific requirements of the inquiry, such as model, quantity, whether it needs to be tested, etc.)

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